StuPro in Israel

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining Israeli citizenship

In Israel, marriage to a citizen of the state is not a reason for obtaining citizenship. All marriages concluded on the territory of the country must be according to the Laws of Halakha, that is, only among Jews and according to Jewish traditions.
However, this does not mean that it is impossible for a spouse to obtain citizenship if the wedding was secular or according to the traditions of other faiths and took place on the territory of another state. For such cases, there is a Stepped Procedure for Obtaining Citizenship of the State of Israel or StuPro.

Stepped procedure (StuPro)

StupPro in Israel is a kind of legalization of marriage in Israel. The procedure can last over 5 years and requires the implementation of regulated actions on the part of the applicants (a married couple living in Israel).

What must be done before starting the StuPro process:

  1. Registration of marriage abroad (with the obligatory receipt of all necessary documents, such as Marriage Certificate, etc.)
  2. Returning one of the spouses (Israeli citizen) to Israel and submitting a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Misrad Apnim) to recognize the marriage with a foreign spouse as legal.
  3. Entry of a foreign spouse into Israel followed by a visit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

What does StuPro in Israel consist of:

First interview

After the couple’s reunification in Israel, the spouses will be invited to a first interview at the office of the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs (Misrad Apnim).
At this meeting, the spouses will be asked completely unexpected questions, for example, what color is the spouse’s toothbrush or coffee mug. The main task of Misrad Apnim employees is to identify the authenticity of relationships and completely eliminate the fictitious nature of marriage.


Employees of Misrad Apnim branches are extremely suspicious and distrustful of married couples undergoing the StuPro procedure in Israel. It often happens that in Misrad Apnim branches there are no Russian-speaking staff and there is no one to help with translation.

It is worth noting that employee Misrad Apnim has the right to interview relatives, friends and even neighbors.
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Further interviews

Further, the spouses will be invited to Misrad Apnim for such interviews, where completely unexpected and sometimes quite provocative questions (in order to identify the authenticity of the marriage) regarding personal relationships between spouses, everyday life and joint social communication may also be asked. Relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues can also be involved in surveys.

During the first year of life in Israel, spouses may be invited to such interviews several times.

Required documents for StupPro

  • For your first interview at Misrad Apnim you will need to bring some documents:
  • Marriage certificate (necessarily translated into Hebrew and notarized);
  • If the relationship is not official, a cohabitation agreement is required;
  • Certificate of no criminal record for the arriving spouse (the document is issued in the country of origin of the foreign spouse);
  • Certificate of absence of other marital relations, certificate of divorce, if any (certificates must be notarized);
  • Foreign passport of the foreign spouse, Birth Certificate (original) and other documents.

Also, you will need:

  • A brief (but succinct) history of your relationship (from the moment you met to the present time), supplemented by joint photographs, joint posts on social networks, air tickets and other things that can prove your close life together and exclude the fictitiousness of marriage;
  • Joint agreements (for example, lease agreement, joint business, etc.);
  • Letters from relatives, friends or neighbors confirming the authenticity of your relationship. Please note that during the interview, specialist Misrad Apnim may contact them by phone with a request to confirm the authenticity of what was written);

For each new interview, spouses should prepare a new folder with similar evidence.

How long does the Stepped Procedure take:

Obtaining citizenship through the Stepped Procedure (StuPro in Israel) can take over 5 years. In some cases, when there are factors that impede the completion of the Procedure (circumstances, unresolved marriage, confusion in documents and rules, etc.), the time can extend up to 10 years.

After one year of interviews, if all steps of the process have been completed correctly, the foreign spouse is entitled to receive the so-called “red teudat zehut”.

After 4 years, the applicant can apply for Israeli citizenship.

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